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How can I register? In order to register, drop us a call or visit our studio and register directly there.
What are the prices? Please call us on 055-8491898 or visit us to find out more about classes schedule and prices.


Can I register for more than one class?  Of course. If the classes don't overlap, students can register for more than one at the same time.
Can I walk in a class?   Spaces in the class are limited and walk-ins are not guaranteed a spot. It is advisable that you either register for the month or call or visit us to book a spot in advance. Dance training requires commitment, so it is recommended that you register for a full month rather than individual walk-in classes.
What should I wear to class?  The outfit depends on the class. For Ballet classes: students must wear ballet leotard and tights, and ballet shoes. For other classes, students can wear comfortable dance clothes (such as shirt, leggings and socks).
Can I bring food?   Food is not allowed in the studio, and students are advised to not eat any heavy food at least an hour before training commences.
Can parents wait for their children in the studio?   Yes, parents can wait in the studio's waiting room. However, parents are not allowed to watch the class, unless otherwise specified. 
Can I come for a trial?   Yes, of course! We welcome anyone who wants to try our classes. Please call us in advance to ensure availability and to book a spot.
Any other questions?  Please call us or send us a WhatsApp on 055-849-1898. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have.
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